About Us

EVERGO HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD is an independent privately owned business company that caters to the needs of multiple aspects of diverse logistics and transportation requirements. The business transports passengers and a variety of general cargo and goods island-wide.

health and safety standards

EVERGO HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD provides a safe and healthy environment for employees, contractors, customers and the local community. We are committed to ensuring that the operations do not place anyone at any unnecessary risk of injury, illness or damage to property and/or equipment complying with the highest possible standards of occupational health and safety measures. We are adhered with all national legislative changes and proactively review and update our policies and procedures accordingly. Our entire fleet is equipped with satellite tracking and has the latest portable data terminals (PDA’s) and smartphones actively recording real-me data such as site safety inspections, POD signatures, delays, vehicle pre-start checks, traffic alerts, pickup and delivery information, speed and rest reporting and much more.

Our safety standards are;

Our Core Values

24/7 Customer Service

There's no reason you should ever wait - call us, we're always open

Wide range of service

We have wide range of services for you to choose from us.

Professional service

We are here to give you the best professional service you can ever get.

Our Mission

To maintain the highest possible standards in the
provision of customized, thoughul and reliable
logiscs and transportaon soluons to the
community in the naon in an exceponally
professional, short-med, and quality consciousness

Our Vision

To be the first choice of all transport and logiscs
industries in Sri Lanka with the highest quality
customer service

Our Esteemed Clients

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